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Butterfly Conservation- Glasgow & South West Scotland Branch

Butterfly Sightings 2013

2 0 1 3 Last update: January 2013
Species Earliest Latest
Chequered Skipper 17th May
Glasdrum, Loch Creran, Argyll - NN0045

Large Skipper

Small Skipper

Dingy Skipper 24th May
Garheugh Rocks, Luce Bay, D&G - NX265504
Jim Black
Clouded Yellow

Large White 15th May
Slopes under Stirling Castle, Stirling - NS789939
Scott Shanks
Small White 18th April
Dumbarton Road, Stirling - NS795933
Scott Shanks
Green-veined White 29th April
Coastal path, near Kildonan,Arran - NS008211
Shiela Norris
Orange-tip 18th April
Kilmory, Arran- NR9621
John Rhead
Green Hairstreak 18th April
North East Arran - NR985478
John Rhead
Purple Hairstreak

Small Copper 24th May
Portpatrick, D&G - NW996542
Jim Black
Northern Brown Argus

Common Blue

Red Admiral

Painted Lady

Small Tortoiseshell 19th February
Glencraig Street, Drongan, Ayrshire -NS4418
John Candlish
Peacock 17th February
Ossington Gardens, Kilmarnock- NS4337
Alistair Murdoch
Comma 19th April
Albert Hallls, Stirling - NS793934
Scott Shanks, Suzanne Bairner, Craig Macadam,Paul Gunn
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Pearl-bordered Fritillary 17th May
Glasdrum, Loch Creran, Argyll - NN0045

Dark Green Fritillary

Marsh Fritillary

Speckled Wood 25th May
Druimavuic, Arygll - NN008449
Gillian Strugnell
Wall 24th May
Portpatrick, D&G - NW990552
Jim Black
Mountain Ringlet

Scotch Argus


Meadow Brown


Small Heath 24th May
South of Pinbain burn, Ayrshire - NX138913
Jim Black
Large Heath

Camberwell Beauty



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Common Blue
Common Blue
Polyommatus icarus
Photograph: Jim black
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